The Eleventh Leaf:
Do Not Become the Cause of Strife

We enjoin upon them that are the emblems of His names and attributes to firmly adhere henceforth unto that which hath been set forth in this Most Great Revelation, not to allow themselves to become the cause of strife, and, until the end that knoweth no end, to keep their eyes directed towards the dayspring of these resplendent words which have been recorded in this Tablet. Strife leads to bloodshed and provokes commotion amongst people. Hearken ye unto the Voice of this Wronged One and deviate not therefrom.


Negar- said...

Please explain in relation to the situation in iran!!

Gaijin21 said...

Nobody should become the cause of strife, especially if they claim to be the lovers of God and humankind. Strife is not how to solve our challenges and hinders progress. This is not particular to any country or political organizations. It is a commitment of every individual.