The beloved of God must each be...

The beloved of God must each be the essence of purity and holiness; so may they be known by their purity, freedom and meekness in every land; they may drink from the eternal chalice of the love of God, enjoy its ecstasy, and through meeting the Beauty of Abha, they should be joyful, active, aglow with zeal and wonderful. This is the station of the sincere. This is the quality of those who are firm. This is the illumination of the faces of those who are near.


Anonymous said...

...aglow with zeal and wonderful

I love when ‘Abdu’l-Bahá uses words like zeal,i saw it in another quote you cited here a few days ago too,

and when used with respect to the 'essence of purity and holiness' it makes me want to
think about that some more.

Anonymous said...

Friday May 26, a snippet from

Attributes of Perfection

Other attributes of perfection are to fear God, to love God by loving His servants, to exercise mildness and forbearance and calm, to be sincere, amenable, clement and compassionate; to have resolution and courage, trustworthiness and energy, to strive and struggle, to be generous, loyal, without malice, to have zeal and a sense of honor, to be high-minded and magnanimous, and to have regard for the rights of others. Whoever is lacking in these excellent human qualities is defective. If We were to explain the inner meanings of each one of these attributes, “the poem would take up seventy maunds* of paper.”

Gaijin21 said...

Thank you for your contribution! Often times we get an image of 'purity and holiness' as being quiet and calm. But zeal shows energy and vitality. I think it is very possible to have all of this in one, showing different sides and aspects of our souls at different times. I also think if we are pure, we should be better channels for the divine confirmations and assistance to flow though oneself, and it sure would be hard not to feel the energy and zeal at the same time.