The purpose of the
one true God in manifesting Himself is...

The purpose of the one true God in manifesting Himself is to summon all mankind to truthfulness and sincerity, to piety and trustworthiness, to resignation and submissiveness to the Will of God, to forbearance and kindliness, to uprightness and wisdom. His object is to array every man with the mantle of a saintly character, and to adorn him with the ornament of holy and goodly deeds.


Anonymous said...

did you take this picture? wow,I
thought it was from a .com but then i looked closer...S

Gaijin21 said...

No, I did not take this picture.

I try to select beautiful or interesting images that in someway has to do with the quote. I hope it helps in beautifying the site and creates a nice feeling when visiting the site.

I do have a habit of collecting nice Baha'i photos off the web. When I started to collect them, I was not thinking much about copyright or anything. Now that I have started to use some of these photos, I realize that some people might want to keep the image as their own. On the other hand, since they have published it on the web for people to view, I figure, well, I am not making any money off of them so why not...

As to some photos that I got from Marco Abrar, he said it is okay to use as long as I add his copyright info below the photo. He has beautiful pictures.

But the pictures I collected in the past, I do not know who I should give credit to. I might have found them on flikr. I am not sure where I got this one.

So, note to all: I make no claims to these photos or images. (Some photos were however taken by me, and one of the images was made by me. But I do not care if people use mine.) If a photo belongs to you and you want credit for that, please let me know and I will include that in the post. If you want it removed, please say so, and I will.

But, yes, if you click these photos, many of them can be viewed in full size.